17 Pounds and Counting

I am feeling pretty good. I have been doing a weekly weight check and I am now down to 160 from 177. I have been continuing with my Zumba workouts and clean eating. I now want to add something in, some type of workout 3 times a week. I hope that you all are valuing the effort you put into taking care our yourselves. It is important to care for yourself and you should celebrate your achievements. Seeing results has encouraged me to keep going. I also have been making sure to keep goals in place. My first goal was 10 pounds and I bought an outfit for a special occasion in a size smaller so that I could visualize it. I am at 17 now and my goal is to have lost 30 pounds by Christmas Day, so soon I will be purchasing an outfit for that goal. I am so blessed to have the encouragement of others. I recommend joining a website or organization like Weight Watchers, Curves, Spark People, etc. for a support network if you do not currently have one. It has made a huge difference for me.

And as a last note of encouragement…


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