Life Updates

Since the last time I wrote, I am now at 158 lbs. My goal is 145 lbs by my birthday, January 29! I will take measurements and weight and post before and after pics then.

I also started a business called Mucho Cocoa. I make and sell vegan, organic chocolate bars at Binford Farmer’s Market in Indianapolis.


My hubby and I have a new addition to the family. He surprised me with her as an anniversary present. Our little pitbull named Prima, who is just the sweetest little puppy.


My hubby and I set up for our first Christmas in our new home. Planning to have cookies Christmas eve also. Yum!


We celebrated our 1 year anniversary with lunch and dessert on December 1st.

And in other news, I got straight As this semester so now I am relaxing over winter break. Ready to start philanthropic studies at iupui in January. Hope you all are doing well. I have been lacking in the blogging department so I am back. I will be posting more about health and what I am doing to reach my goal by the end of January (about 15 lbs in 40 days). I’d love to hear your tips.

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