8 Days

I am posting my weight and measurements on the morning of my birthday. I am a little nervous about this as I am not at the point where I aimed to be at this time. I guess that goes to show things do not always come as planned and that does NOT mean to give up. I have been strict on my eating and I have been working diligently to lose the weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Although the first 20 pounds came off rather quickly through eating well and moderate exercise, now is the time to up my activity. My husband and I have decided to make the crazy effort of doing P90X. I have been continuing my Zumba, and a wonderful friend has even jumped on board, but next week we will be starting P90X. I am very excited and also dreading it because I know it will be very difficult. I have only seen amazing results from people who have stuck with it though so we are going all in. What have you been doing to make 2014 a great year for your health?

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