The Results are In

As promised, here are my current before and after photos of my weight-loss journey. I did not hit my goal of 145 by my birthday but I have gotten far. There are always draw backs and it is important to understand that just because a goal wasn’t met… that is NOT an excuse to give up. I am striving to move forward and continue on my journey. My goal is to be at 130 by March 12th.Not sure if that is a little crazy but I am doing my cleanse again starting Sunday and my husband and I recently started P90X so I am working hard.

At the beginning of my journey, these were my measurements:



Weight – 177

Arms- 12”

Bust- 38 ¾”

Under bra- 32 ½”

Waist- 31 1/2”

Love handles- 38 ½”

Hips- 43 ½”

Thighs- 26”

Calves- 16 ¾”


ON 10/11/13 I was at 160 lbs


Now my measurements are:



Weight – 155

Arms- 11”

Bust- 36”

Under bra- 31″

Waist- 29′

Love handles- 35”

Hips- 41”

Thighs- 22 1/2”

Calves- 15”

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