ONE3: Urban Gardens Fall 2016

The gardens for our first season for public sale have been planted. We are profoundly grateful for supportive friends and generous donors who have made this a reality. There are a couple special shout outs that need recognition. Thank you to… Our incredible Corporate Sponsor, Celebrate Birth! The support of the Morrow family has been undying and we are so grateful. The Fee family for … Continue reading ONE3: Urban Gardens Fall 2016

Learning New Things

I have always loved to cook. I can remember mixing cookie dough by hand with my family, stirring the pasta sauce, making traditional dishes with my mom and grandma. I may have experimented a little too much in the kitchen which resulted in some not so delicious concoctions. I have never been a clean cook, there are always messy counter tops and usually more dishes … Continue reading Learning New Things

Comfort or Stress Relief

I have come to realize that I am a comfort eater. Food is great for nourishment, enjoying at celebrations, sharing moments with friends, learning something new, the list goes on. Food is something that is associated with so many emotions and life events for many people. I fully enjoy sweets and after a bad day I think about how much I would enjoy a brownie … Continue reading Comfort or Stress Relief